Your grade in music is based on three areas:  achievement/assessment(85%), concert/festival attendance(85%),and rehearsal participation(15%),The grading scale used for Band is:

A = 90 -100%

B = 80 – 89%

C = 70 - 79%

D = 60 – 69%

F = Below 60%




In the middle of each quarter, progress reports will be sent home.  These are designed to give parents more detailed information regarding their child’s progress in music class. 



Music students are required to attend their group’s performances and rehearsals which are not held during regular school hours.  As stated in the contract, concerts are basically a ‘public’ final exam and are a large part of the student’s overall grade.  Please use the attached calendar for reference and mark these dates in your family calendar.




If a student is loaned an original piece of music, which

belongs to the school, it should be taken care of in a folder

designed to protect it from damage.  Missing or damaged

music will be paid for by the student.   If a student is given

a copy instead of an original, the student may keep it or

recycle it after the concert.


All Carson Bands perform in uniform for concerts and music festivals.

This uniform will consists of a Band Polo Shirt, long pants, and sneakers.


Band Polo shirts will be Carson. More information will follow about the cost and due date for purchasing the shirts. If for any reason parents/guardians cannot provide the funds for the uniform, please contact

Mr.Marcum immediately at 472-2972 or e-mail





Students requiring the use of a school instrument will be assigned one at no charge for the school year by the music teacher, depending on availability.  The student will be given an instrument, accessories and case.  Repairs due to ANY reason are the responsibility of the student and his family.  The instrument should be returned in the same condition in which it was given out.





Private music lessons are a fantastic way for each student to develop his skills to the fullest.  As class size increases, you can see that the only way a student can advance as a musician at his/her own speed is through private music lessons.  Students’ grades are UNAFFECTED by whether or not they study privately, except that their playing improves measurably with lessons, and usually result in better test scores.