Here is a list and some links to different resources, materials, and more things we will use this year!

Canvas is going to be our main tool, this is where you will find almost everything that we are doing on a daily basis. 

In Canvas you will find announcements, updates, notes, assignments, a digital copy of our math book, Webex (online) meetings, a notebook, and so much more. Always check Canvas first! 

Khan Academy is a great resource, there are videos, examples, and practice available for everything in the 8th grade Math Curriculum.

In addition, Khan Academy can be used for high school, college, science, reading, computing, economics, arts, and so much more! If you know any kids from the ages of 3-6 there is a learning app that can be downloaded for FREE, it is called Khan Academy Kids. I use it with my 4 and 5 year old.

BigIdeasMath is where students will find their "homework," video examples, Spanish dictionaries, and more...make sure students LOGIN WITH CLEVER