Mrs. Baldwin's Beginning Dance Courses

Whether you are a Carson Junior High student or a Westwood High School student, this course focuses on the basic techniques, terminologies, and histories of various dance forms, including but not limited to, ballet, modern, and jazz practices. Multiple forms of dance will be discussed, practiced, and assessed within the classroom environment. Studies will also include the historical figures that pioneered the techniques we use today. This course will cover basic dance studio environment and proper etiquette, as well as stage management, behaviors, and practices. 

Disclaimer: Many students sign up for this course in the hopes that Hip Hop will be the main genre of study. Although we try to implement hip hop opportunities for our students throughout the year, especially as we near concert showcase, hip hop will NOT be taught regularly as our other styles of dance take precedence based upon national, state, and district standards. In our programs, we enjoy learning all styles of dance to become a well-rounded dancer and proper technique is emphasized to ensure the safety of students.