Dear Parents/Guardians and Students,

Welcome to Beginning Dance! I would like to take this opportunity to review my classroom expectations so that this will be a rewarding school year for all of us as you continue your journey in education. These policies will also be embedded in our course syllabus which is available on our class Canvas course page. By completing the online assignment required alongside the syllabus, you agree to the policies and procedures of this class and understand the responsibilities (which often require on-campus time after school hours) that coincide with signing up for this course. If you do not agree to these policies and procedures please reach out to Mrs. Baldwin with any questions you may have, confer with our administration and helpful front office staff, or request to be a part of another elective course.



  1. Trust your teacher! Have an open mind and positive attitude. Be willing to learn new things.

  2. Be on time to class. You have 5 minutes after the "bell" to be changed into your dance clothes and ready to go in our virtual chat, stretching and warming up. Attendance will be taken 5 minutes after class has started.

  3. Be attentive, listen, and follow directions. Be engaged in your learning!

  4. Respect your peers, teachers, and staff.

  5. Be accountable for your grade. Complete work on time and take the initiative to collect and turn in make up work. There are 185 of you and only 1 of me. Be in charge of your own grades please.

  6. Keep the space you need to dance open. You should be able to kick your leg out straight in any direction without hitting anything. That is about how much space you will need. Keep it clutter free so it's easier for you to move.

  7. Once we return to the dance room, keep the dance room tidy. No trash, gum, cell phones, etc. It’s a nice room that caters to dancing and rehearsing and needs to be treated well.

  8. Do NOT chew gum or be on your phone during class time. I can deduct points for that. Chewing gum while dancing is a safety hazard and very rude towards proper dance etiquette. Phones, although useful, can often be a distraction. I have limited time with you on WebEx so please respect that time.



  • Laptops and chargers, please have your laptops fully charged overnight

  • Pocket folder to hold notes, worksheets, blank paper, etc. if needed

  • Proper Dance Attire that follows the guidelines


Dance Attire: Students are required to dress out every day unless directed by the instructor. The basic dance attire will consist of a solid black or white dance shirt and black dance pants. Any black or white Carson/Westwood shirt is also appropriate. Students are not allowed to have any logos or pictures on their dance clothing. Mesa Public Schools’ standards for appropriate and modest dress are to be followed at all times in the dance program. No cleavage, undergarments or midriffs are to be exposed. Leggings and shorts must come to the knee or below. Adhering to the dress code helps students focus on the task at hand and enables the teacher to cleanly view the dancer’s alignment, precision, and technique. Socks are allowed while dancing but street shoes are not. However, feel free to wear socks or dance shoes at any time during class AT YOUR OWN RISK. Please keep in mind the floor that you will be dancing on and take precautions so you do not slip, fall, or injure yourself. 

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