Playful ActivityPreschool is an exciting milestone for young children and their families.  In preschool children learn to take care of their own needs, care for materials, follow a routine and communicate with people outside their family.

KinderU preschool is described as 'play based', 'developmentally appropriate', 'preparatory for kindergarten' and balanced between teacher directed and child directed.

Play based describes an environment where children perceive all learning as play.  Activities and materials are engaging, fun and purposeful.

Developmentally appropriate describes the style of activities and interactions in the classroom.  They are based on current research about how most children ages 3-5 grow and develop.  They are then tailored to meet the growth and development of children enrolled in the class.

Preparatory for kindergarten means that we are following the Arizona Early Learning Standards developed by our state to reflect important learning that should occur in the preschool years and is  the foundation for later learning in kindergarten.

Some states and programs use the term 'pre-k' or 'pre-kindergarten' to indicate programs for children that are 4 years-old or attending the year prior to kindergarten entry.  The term 'preschool' is used to indicate programs for three year-old children.  In KinderU, we mix three and four year-old children in the same classroom.  Mixing the age groups is a practice that has documented strong success.  Therefore, the terms 'pre-k, pre-kindergarten and preschool' are used interchangeably.