Summer Xplore

Summer Xplore is available for MPS students currently enrolled in kindergarten through sixth grade.

Xplore is an exciting, extended-day program for K-6 students offered through the Community Education Department of Mesa Public Schools.
Children will experience a wide variety of instructional and recreational activities including academic support, engineering, science, virtual reality, athletics and more.
Xplore is not a licensed childcare facility under section §36-882. Thus, Xplore provides only recreational or instructional activities to school age children who may enter into and depart from the facility at their own volition. The facility may require the children to document their entrance into and departure from the facility. This documentation does not affect the exemption under this paragraph.


Summer Xplore

Safety protocols

Summer Xplore will follow all district safety guidelines.

Questions? Contact Community Education & Outreach 480-472-7250
or email

Per student fees:
One-time material fee: $12.50
Weekly program fee: $82.50

Due to funding sources, this reduced-rate for summer Xplore is available for enrolled Mesa Public School students.

Online registration only

MPS username & password required for reduced rates

Online registration/payment steps:
Select the online registration button above
Sign in with your MPS username/password
Select your student
Enter Xplore in the search field

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