Visitors to schools

For the safety of students and staff:

During the school day, please sign in at the office and obtain a name tag as soon as you arrive on campus.

Visitors photoWe welcome visitors on campus after the school day to:

  • attend an event that is open to the public
  • attend an event to which they have been invited
  • use facilities, such as running tracks, that are designated by the district for public use

Visitors must not:

  • use school facilities to practice or play golf or any other sport or recreational activity that causes excessive damage to turf or poses an unusual risk of damage to school facilities
  • ride horses on school grounds
  • walk dogs or other pets on school grounds (Exception: Parents or guardians who walk pets when walking their children to or from school must (a) keep pets on a leash at all times and (b) keep pets a safe distance from other students on school grounds.)
  • drive or ride motor vehicles in areas other than parking areas designed for motor vehicles
  • possess or consume alcoholic beverages on school grounds or the right-of-ways (streets and sidewalks) adjacent to school grounds