Overview of administrative and support services

Mesa Public Schools focuses on increasing student learning and achievement.

To reach this goal, some staff members work directly with students and teachers. Others support teaching and learning behind the scenes.

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Accounting (480-472-0103) coordinates travel services, and mileage authorization and mileage reimbursement; records extracurricular activity (state tax credit) donations; prepares financial statements; tracks income, expenses, gifts, donations, Proposition 301 funds, construction projects, district cellphones, district accounts receivable, transportation billing, contracts and hourly Personnel Action Request Forms (PARFs); reconciles district, bank and county records.

Accounts Payable (480-472-0129) processes invoices to pay for goods and services received, not including student activities and auxiliary operations.

Athletics and K-12 Physical Education (480-472-0250) coordinates all athletics and physical education activities. Also see elementary physical education.

Audit Services (480-472-0132) performs internal audits, reviews and consulting services; acts as the liaison for all external audits.

AVID (480-308-7550) oversees the Advancement Via Individual Determination program, a schoolwide transformation effort focused on leadership, systems, instruction and culture.

Benefits (480-472-7222) administers benefits for active employees and COBRA participants and the employee wellness program; publishes the Wellness Newsletter.

Business and Support Services (480-472-7205) is a division of the superintendency; oversees financial services, operations, purchasing, property management, food and nutrition, and transportation.

Career and Technical Education (480-472-0393) assists secondary teachers in agricultural science, biotechnology, business education, computer science, family and consumer sciences, and industrial technology; coordinates curriculum; provides resources for all vocational programs, including online student career and skills assessments in cooperation with advising.

Communications and Marketing (480-472-0223) helps schools, departments, the superintendency and the Governing Board communicate with students, staff, parents, the public and the news media; coordinates district student, staff and volunteer recognition programs; produces official publications and collaborates with site administrators during a crisis.

Community Education (480-472-7250) provides adult English language acquisition and general educational development (GED) classes, and special interest classes for employees; offers preschools, Xplore before- and after-school child care, junior high athletics, elementary after-school enrichment activities, elementary and secondary summer school, summer Xplore and junior high A hour.  

Construction (480-472-6032) oversees new building, major remodeling, system upgrades and portable relocation; develops plans and specifications; manages contracts; evaluates contractors; provides computer-aided-drafting, architectural and engineering drawings of school facilities; interprets building, fire, traffic, and planning and zoning codes; interprets Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines.

Creative and Performing Arts
Creative Arts (480-308-7350) organizes traveling exhibits; develops kits and exhibits for classrooms; coordinates artists-in-residence, performing arts package and Art Masterpiece programs; provides teacher training and resources in drama, dance and visual arts; prepares master schedules for elementary art.

Music (480-308-7350) coordinates and provides support services for all schools; develops and revises curriculum; organizes district-sponsored music events; provides professional development; prepares master schedules for elementary music; screens applicants; assists the purchase of music equipment and supplies.

Custodial (480-472-6008) Cleans buildings; supports remodeling projects by moving furniture and equipment.

Educational Services (480-472-0205) is a division of the superintendency; supervises the operation of all schools, instructional support units and special projects of the school district.

Educational Technology (480-472-0004) helps teachers integrate technology and curriculum through a variety of programs and training opportunities.

Educational Television (480-472-0080) develops and produces educational and promotional programming for schools and departments and for broadcast on cable channel 99. Watch live or on demand.

English Language Acquisition (480-308-7500) or ELAD, supports English language learners via staff training, resource teachers, technicians and testing clerks; oversees the district’s Migrant Child Education Program.

Facility Rentals (480-472-1059) Coordinates community rental of district facilities.

Federal and State Grants (480-472-0131) coordinates and monitors applications, accounting and reporting for state and federal grants.

Financial Services (480-472-0115) prepares and monitors the district budget; provides organizational budgeting, accounting and reporting system (OBARS) training; oversees accounts payable, accounting, federal and state grants, payroll and student funds.

Food and Nutrition (480-472-0900) provides lunch, breakfast, after-school snacks and catering for school, district and community events.

Gifted and Talented (480-472-7248) provides programs and services for students in kindergarten through 12th grade; provides resources for parents and classroom teachers.

Grant Support (480-472-0241) provides teachers and administrators innovative, interactive website resources to identify, develop and submit grant applications to fund special projects, programs and activities.

Grounds (480-472-6008) maintains landscaping and grounds; supports exterior capital projects.

Health Services/Audiology (480-472-0562) helps students achieve optimal wellness to enhance their readiness to learn and succeed.

Human Resources (480-472-7200) oversees administrative, certified, classified and substitute employment. Recruits and hires all employees; coordinates the transfer process and the evaluation process; facilitates the recertification process; maintains the classified job hot line; manages substitute employee services; screens non-parent volunteers.

Information Systems (480-472-0005) installs hardware and software; repairs computers, printers, copiers and scanners; offers networking services, training, programming services and software support; supports telephone services; staffs the Help Desk (480-472-0044) for technology troubleshooting and Synergy system support.

Legal and Policy Services (480-472-0208) assists with the proper application of Governing Board policies and administrative regulations; provides a library of resources to help schools and departments stay in compliance with federal and state laws; advises schools on legal documents related to students, such as custody and guardianship.

Library Services (480-472-7243) supports media resource centers by providing access to information and materials that develop imaginations, guide investigations and generate ideas.

Mail Center (480-472-0945) processes outgoing U.S. mail and other shipments; picks up and delivers interdistrict mail.

Maintenance (480-472-6000) provides building upkeep and repairs; supports changes on interior capital projects; monitors air quality; supervises the asbestos program.

Materiel Distribution Center (480-472-0940) acquires, stores, distributes and inventories school and department supplies.

Mesa Distance Learning Program (480-472-7285) offers kindergarten through grade 12 classes online. 

Music (480-308-7350) see Creative and Performing Arts.

Native American Education Program (480-472-0577) provides academic and attendance support via home-school liaisons, cultural reading program at selected elementary schools, instructional assistants at selected elementary schools and cultural resources for teachers; offers summer school scholarships.

Operations (480-472-6000) oversees construction, custodial, grounds and maintenance.

Payroll (480-472-0444) processes employee pay, tax withholding changes, direct deposit, 403(b) and other voluntary payroll deductions; maintains the Kronos timekeeping system; keeps sick leave and vacation records.

Prevention Programs (480-308-7554) oversees programming; coordinates and monitors compliance with prevention grant requirements.

Printing and Publishing (480-472-0980) provides services and solutions to communicate information via graphic design, typesetting, artwork, printing, copying and binding; produces publications, such as handbooks, forms, curriculum, brochures, fliers, business cards and stationery; secures best-cost provider of off-site services.

Professional Learning (480-472-0385) coordinates district professional training courses and the registration system for certified and classified staff; administers the Teacher Evaluation System’s Induction Program.

Property Management (480-472-0971) bar codes or etches, inventories and maintains records of furniture and equipment worth more than $500; conducts physical inventories of district assets; maintains land and building records; operates the used surplus facility; tracks property transfers, asset donations and theft of assets.

Purchasing (480-472-0140) procures supplies, equipment and professional services.

Reading, Writing and World Languages (480-472-0300) provide training and resources for K-12 teachers.

Research and Evaluation (480-472-0230) provides information from surveys, databases and research literature; supports state and district testing; helps schools collect test and survey data; projects student enrollment; produces district maps; evaluates special projects; provides grant writing support.

Risk Management (480-472-0365) identifies, assesses and controls risks arising from accidents and natural causes; administers workers’ compensation, risk management and safety programs.

Safety and Security (480-472-1150) provides a safe and secure learning environment; monitors and investigates attendance issues for compliance with truancy laws; responds to requests for assistance at schools; provides night patrol; trains campus security and crossing guards; facilitates emergency management plans.

Science, Social Sciences and Mathematics (480-472-0260) provides curriculum, materials, district tests, professional development, resources and related services for K-12 teachers; coordinates K-6 health education, 7-9 sex education (Project MESA), traffic safety classes, flight centers and space integration modules.

Service Learning (480-308-7350) engages students in volunteer school and community activities that enhance academic and extracurricular programs.

Special Education (480-472-0710) provides programs and services for  students with disabilities; fosters successful transition to adulthood.

Special Education (Synergy SE) Help Desk (480-472-0855) supports special education faculty and staff in the use of the Internet-based workflow system that electronically generates and tracks individualized education programs, multidisciplinary evaluation team reports and other documents.

Special Education Preschool Office (480-472-0703) screens children as young as years old for speech, hearing, vision and other developmental delays; provides free preschool programs for children identified with significant delays; offers additional resources for infants and toddlers.

Special Education Student Records (480-472-0605) Maintains records for students in the special education program.

Student Activities (480-472-0133) coordinates and monitors student funds and auxiliary operations for clubs, athletics, bookstores and extracurricular activity donations, including accounting of monies, revenues, expenditures, payroll and financial statements.

Student Records (480-472-0741) microfilms and maintains regular education student records.

Superintendency (480-472-0200) provides districtwide leadership as the chief executive officer of the Governing Board; divisions include:

  • Educational Services, associate superintendent (480-472-0205)
  • East Area K-8, assistant superintendent (480-472-0207)
  • West Area K-8, assistant superintendent (480-472-0206)
  • High school, assistant superintendent (480-472-0203)
  • Business and Support Services, assistant superintendent (480-472-7205)
  • Curriculum and Instruction, assistant superintendent (480-472-0340)
  • Human Resources, assistant superintendent (480-472-0412)

Teaching and Learning (480-472-0340) is a division of the superintendency; provides resources and supports in English language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, world languages and more; oversees library services, professional development and Title I.

Technology and Communication (480-472-0223) oversees communications and marketing, educational technology, educational television, information systems, printing and publishing, and web services.

Textbook Depository (480-472-0953) oversees the accounting, acquisition, storage, distribution and disposition of adopted textbooks and supplementary materials.

Title I and School Improvement (480-472-0246) coordinates the Title I program; monitors federal funds allocation; evaluates Title I school improvement specialists; supports schools in the improvement process and the McKinney-Vento program for homeless students; provides parent education and involvement opportunities.

Transportation (480-472-0178) transports students to and from school and activity trips; trains new drivers; provides a safety program for all drivers, monitors and dispatchersrepairs district buses, cars, vans and trucks; provides pool vehicles to staff for official school business.

Travel Services (480-472-0158) processes requests for employee and student travel; ensures correct coding, fund availability, appropriate approvals and reimbursement of travel expenses if applicable.

Web Services (480-472-0026) maintains the district website, Internet filtering, and employee and student email.