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Peachjar delivers visually engaging flyers, newsletters and other important information to parents and employees via email and website. Peachjar acts as an electronic backpack that saves time and paper, and is a great communication and customer service tool. To request a Peachjar administrative account, please email Lise Turner or call 2-0223. For more information, visit

Posting guidelines for schools

To advertise to district families, organizations must have 501(c)(3) status.


School staff may not post flyers on behalf of external organizations per Board policy KI-R and the district's Peachjar agreement. However they may post flyers for fundraisers directly benefiting your school (example: Chipotle and Barro's nights). Businesses simply offering a student/parent discount are not allowed.


Schools and school support organizations such as PTOs and booster clubs can post as many flyers as desired. There's no cost to schools or the district to use Peachjar. School administrators and their secretaries have accounts to upload flyers to Peachjar. Other uploaders can easily be added.

To comply with federal OCR rules, scanned documents are not allowed. Please upload original electronic documents in PDF format. Flyers must be 8 1/2" x 11" in order to be displayed correctly.

Community nonprofit organizations must submit their information directly to Peachjar and may pay a small service fee to post and distribute flyers electronically. Communications & engagement will review and approve community flyers. Schools will no longer receive paper flyers from these groups.


Unsure if a flyer is appropriate to post? Contact communications and engagement at 480-472-0223.


Email Peachjar at or call toll-free 877-402-1786 (Ext. 2, School Support). Or contact us at 480-472-0223.

Community organizations

Community nonprofit organizations that want to distribute flyers at schools, please contact Peachjar directly. Representatives will help you set up an account.

The district and schools may not post a flyer from a community partner through Peachjar.

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