MPS Publication Guidelines Manual

Mesa Public Schools is well-known throughout the Valley, the state and the nation. In creating and distributing publications, schools and departments should reflect a visual continuity of association with the district by prominently displaying an approved district logo and by following the standards in this Publication Guidelines Manual.

Publications are defined as letters, memos, brochures, flyers, handbooks, newsletters, booklets, web pages, banners, DVDs, curriculum materials and other information distributed to staff, students, parents and/or the public.

The information in this manual is based on Governing Board Policy KBB.

Publication guidelines

There are many choices in creating appealing, high-quality publications at a low cost. The site administrator or designee must approve department and school publications before printing and distribution, using the following guidelines:

  • The publication reflects high-quality editorial content and visual formatting.
  • The information, spelling, grammar and punctuation are correct.
  • Content is appropriate for public access, and U.S. copyright laws are observed.
  • Content respects the privacy of staff, students, volunteers and community members.

Information in Spanish or another language should be consistent, in design and quality, with the English version.

Consult the district’s communications teams for questions and assistance on publications.

  • Printing and Publishing - 480-472-0980
  • Communications & Engagement - 480-472-0223
  • Visual Communications - 480-472-0080
  • Web Services - 480-472-0026
  • English Language Acquisition - 480-472-0550

Publication design

The district has adopted design templates for printed materials and web pages. 

Publications must include the Mesa Public Schools logo. The department or school should also include its address, and phone and fax numbers.

The Printing and Publishing Department will work with departments and schools to incorporate printed information into a design template.

Departments must use an MPS template. Schools are encouraged to use an MPS template but may continue to use long-time designs that feature their school mascots. 

Protection of staff and students online and in print

Contact information on the website, in audiovisual materials or in printed publications should be a district phone number, district web address and/or district email. No personal information about students or staff members should be provided.  

The school or department should verify parental permission before using information or photographs that may identify students. Check for Media, Internet and Directory Information Opt Out forms signed by the parents.

Letterhead and business cards 

The district has an official letterhead that must be used by all departments.

Although many schools use the district letterhead, some schools have added their mascots to their letterhead and envelopes. They will be allowed to continue this practice.

Employees who use Mesa Public Schools business cards should include the following information: district logo, name, title, department or school, address, phone number, fax number, email address and web address. A cell phone number may also be included.

Website guidelines

School and department web pages will follow the district’s template as set by Web Services and approved by the superintendent.

Do not post “under construction” or “coming soon” pages.  

A department or school that includes dynamic (changing) information in its website is responsible for updating the information in a timely fashion.

The home page of the school or department website should include the following elements:

  1. Mesa Public Schools logo
  2. School or department name, address, phone number, fax number and a link to an email address for contact information
  3. A link to the Mesa Public Schools home page (

A principal’s or director’s message, photograph or biography should not be on the home page, but may be one of the secondary pages.

Content must be approved by the site administrator or designee.

Use of Mesa Public Schools logo 

All printed, electronic and audiovisual materials that will incorporate the district logo should refer to the district Communication Guide.