Volunteer of the Month archive 

2016-17 Volunteers of the Month

April: Jeremy Spilsbury, Mesa High School
March: Jan Stamey, Red Mountain Ranch Elementary 
February: Joyce Aliment, Jefferson Elementary
January: Chandra Hansen, Dobson High School
November: Krista Nielson, Hawthorne Elementary
September: Carol Walton, Stevenson Elementary 

2015-16 Volunteers of the Month

April: Lisa McGee, Ishikawa Elementary
March: Pat Kutzbach, Whittier Elementary
February: Deanna Milligan, Porter Elementary
January: Shelly White, Sirrine Elementary
November: Cora Jensby, Roosevelt Elementary
October: David and Laura Fabiano, Crismon Elementary
September: Julie Spilsbury, Taylor Junior High

2014-15 Volunteers of the Month

April: Michael Norberg, Ishikawa Elementary
March: Michelle Wanzo, Dobson High School
February: Carol Larsen, Jefferson Elementary
January: Brenda Huizar, Lincoln Elementary, and Carolyn Wong, Native American Education Program
October: Leah James, Entz Elementary 
SeptemberJoan Bradley, Mountain View High School 

2013-14 Volunteers of the Month

April: Brad Nelson, Red Mountain Ranch Elementary
March: Ruth Maxwell, O'Connor Elementary
February: Aly Lemons, Crismon Elementary 
January: Enedina Chapin, Poston Junior High
November: Nancy Cressy, Longfellow Elementary
October: Shirley Duclos, Las Sendas Elementary
September: James and Jolene Phelps, Johnson Elementary Montessori

2012-13 Volunteers of the Month

May: Bonnie Long, Rhodes Junior High
Suzanne Goldstein, Roosevelt Elementary
Joan Parish, Madison Elementary
 Virginia McEnany, Adams Elementary
Chuck Holland, Stevenson Elementary
Mike Pope, Mesa Flight Centers
SeptemberGloria Rayos, Salk Elementary

2011-12 Volunteers of the Month

March: Ingrid Medlock, Skyline High School
February: Donna Miller, Red Mountain Ranch Elementary
January: Kyong Kresge, Longfellow Elementary
November: Patty Galaz, Redbird Elementary
September: Karen Jackson, Las Sendas Elementary

2010-11 Volunteers of the Month

April: Jackie Johnson, Falcon Hill Elementary
March: Maria Jimenez, Zaharis Elementary
February: Will and Mary Ann Salz, Brinton Elementary
January: Denise Gonzales, Mesa High School
November: Rich Ganley, Stapley Junior High School
October: Marjorie Dixon, Kerr Elementary
September: Gary Roos, Taylor Junior High

2009-10 Volunteers of the Month

April: Gene Dufoe, Mesa Flight Centers
March: Lou Rever, Las Sendas Elementary
February: Marguerite Tally, Redbird Elementary
January: Dr. Marvin Murray, Red Mountain Ranch Elementary
November: Jesus Celeya, Whitman Elementary School
October: Yolanda Santillan, Longfellow Elementary

2008-09 Volunteers of the Month

April: Dee Kleinman, Falcon Hill Elementary
March: Laura Presley, Sirrine Elementary
February: Shirley Graham, Lowell Elementary
January: Kyle Tilghman, Las Sendas Elementary
November: Jean Jones, Red Mountain Ranch Elementary
September: Mary Cox, Poston Junior High