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Communications and Marketing provides assistance to schools and school support organizations (SSOs), such as parent-teacher organizations (PTOs) and booster clubs. Here's some information on establishing your organization, obtaining an tax identification number, submitting required filings, handling your finances and obtaining Governing Board approval for indemnification.

Get an EIN

Organizations may not use the district EIN.

About EINs

SSOs are separate legal entities and must obtain their own tax identification number (EIN) from the IRS.

Before you begin the process to obtain your EIN, you need to determine who will be the responsible party.

When your responsible party changes, remember to let the IRS know by submitting the required form.

Governing board approval


For an organization and its officers to be included as an indemnitee for the sake of liability, the organization must be in good standing with the district. An organization is not considered in good standing if it fails to provide the district with all updated records and financial information within the time period prescribed by the Superintendent as noted in Policy BHE.

Get approved for 2020-21

Application for Governing Board
approval for indemnification

Governing Board-approved SSOs

List of currently approved organizations
and archive of previous approvals

Setting up your SSO Information to help you set up your organization

SSO Informational PowerPoint Presentation

Formal vs. informal nonprofit

Establishing an organization

Sample bylaws

Cash controls and financial information

Fundraising Ideas

Resources to make your job easier!


Find policies, sample reports and more

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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