Ask the district

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Shepherd A+ 2012What if I have a comment or question?

Contact Mesa Public Schools                 

How can I learn more about the district?

Neighborhood schools, focus schools, maps, locators
Open enrollment to a school outside your area
How to choose a school            
Calendars for current, past and future school years 
Awards and program highlights 
A to Z Index  

What do students learn in Mesa  Public Schools?

Quality curriculum and innovative instruction

How can I support student achievement?

Parent involvement  
School and districtwide activities           
Parent University workshops     
State tax credits for extracurricular activity donations     
Purchases that help schools   
Mesa Foundation for Educational Excellence   
Business opportunities    

What happens behind the scenes?

Administrative and support services, locations, websites

Do you have overviews on academics, demographics and history?

Research site map   

Whittier studentHow can I do business with Mesa Public Schools?

How to work with the Business Services Division       
School facility rentals         

Where can I learn about school buses?

The scoop on school buses           
How to contact the transportation staff

Are school menus and meal information posted?

Breakfast and lunch menus at elementary, junior high and high schools      
Cafeteria phone numbers, alergies, accounts, meal assistance applications
Nutritional integrity, USDA Dietary Guidelines, MPS Wellness Policy    
Catering information and services    
Fit Future: Strategies for Better Living   

What if I have questions about special education?

Questions and answers     
Programs and resources   

How can I request records?

Public records   
Student records, transcripts and diplomas   

May I visit Mesa Public Schools?

Visitor guidelines   
Athletic competitions
Gold Card Club discounts   
Adult education classes   
School board meetings         
News media procedures      

Are there other ways to see inside the district?

Educational TV live and on demand   
School board meeting videos  
Athletic photos and videos     

Shepherd 2012 A+Do you have some safety tips for my family?

25 ways to make kids safer         
Drowning prevention resources  
Bike, pedestrian and driver safety   
Silent Witness: Take a Stand    
Internet Safety
   Kids Health   
   Federal Bureau of Investigation   
   National Crime Prevention Council   
   Safe Kids   
Summer safety