What is GUS?
The GUS (Growing Up Successfully) program is an alternative general education program. It is designed for students who exhibit severe behavioral and social difficulties in their relationships with students and staff. The intensity and/or duration of their negative behavior patterns have prevented them from responding adequately to traditional interventions and learning has therefore been seriously disrupted for them and the classroom. Students in kindergarten through 6th grade may be referred to the program. Many of these students have been diagnosed with a behavioral medical diagnosis. However, it is NOT part of Special Education, although students with mild disabilities such as Specific Learning Disabilities and/or Speech/Language Impairments may be considered.

Who refers a student to GUS?
Principals are responsible for initiating a referral by submitting a Behavior Support request to Student Support Systems. 

What's the referral process?

Step One: The school team and the principal are responsible for reviewing the case with the TAT team, implementing and documenting an Individual Behavior Plan (BIP) for 6-9 weeks, involving the school psychologist to observe/review the case, and following up to review/revise the plan as needed.

Step Two: If the documentation is not demonstrating improvement by the student  the school team and principal meet to review the case.  If the recommendation is to refer to GUS the principal will contact the Behavior Specialist to discuss the referral. 

Step Three: The home school team completes the components of the GUS Referral Form and submits. If the student is currently receiving special education services the Special Education Referral Checklist To An Alternative Program must be completed by the special education team.  All referrals are  sent to Teresa McGowan at CSC. (These forms are attached)

Where is GUS located?
There are 17 GUS classrooms located on 5 elementary campuses throughout the district. These programs serve as regional sites for approximately 57 elementary schools within the Mesa Public School District. Students who are placed in the program are provided transportation to the GUS site from their home.

The goal of the GUS program is...
to assist students in developing social competence and positive behavior skills essential to their success in a school setting. It is a self-contained program providing opportunities for mainstreaming to the general education environment as the student's behavior improves. The GUS program is intended to be an intervention and students return to their home school. This is dependent on the rate of behavioral change and the student's individual needs.