Dual Language Immersion Program (DLI) K - 12 and Bridge Program with ASU
Our K-12 Dual Language students have the opportunity to earn university credits toward a degree in Spanish with ASU. Contact us for more information.

"One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way."
- Frank Smith

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MPS Dual Language Immersion Program

Why Dual Language Immersion?


The latest information about the 2021-22 school year

Schools offering Dual Language Immersion

Elementary Schools

Guerrero Elementary School

Kindergarten coming in 2022!
50/50 model - English/Spanish

Hermosa Vista Elementary School

Grades K - 5 (K-6 by 2021 - 2022)
50/50 Model - English/Spanish

Keller Elementary School

Grades K - 6
50/50 Model - English/Spanish

Junior High Schools

Stapley Junior High Schools

7th grade in 2022-2023
8th grade in 2023-2024

Taylor Junior High Schools

7th grade in 2022-2023
8th grade in 2023-2024

High Schools Bridge Program with ASU

Dobson High School

9th grade in 2022-23
9 - 12 by 2025 - 2026

Mesa High School

9th grade coming up in 2024-2025!
9 - 12 by 2027 - 2028

Mountain View High School

9th grade coming up in 2024-2025!
9 - 12 by 2027 - 2028

STAMP 4Se Spanish Proficiency Test Information

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Sample Tests/Ejemplos del examen
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Benchmark and Rubric Guide
Guía y rúbrica


Parent Information
Información para padres

Connect your classroom to the World! Virtual Cultural Exchanges

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Global Connect
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MPS Virtual Cultural Exchange Video

WL and DLI

Questions about our DLI Program?


Patricia Fernandez,

World Languages and Dual Language Immersion Specialist


Resources Teachers and Families

DLI Online Resources

Teachers and Families
Maestros y Familias

MPS ONLY - DLI Teachers Shared Folder

(MPS internal access only)


DLI Spanish Language Arts
Tutorial for teacher and parents

Vista Higher Learning


DBQ Project

Social Studies Resources

Standards Language and content

Arizona K-12 Academic Standards

Content and Language

ACTFL Performance Descriptors
New! NCSSFL - ACTFL Can - Do Statements
ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines

MPS Teaching and Learning Departments

World Languages

Information and Resources

Access to other departments

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Professional Learning Learn on your own time!

Professional Learning

Variety of recorded webinars and resources for Language Teachers

State and National Organizations World Languages and Dual Language Immersion

Lead with Languages

Arizona Language Association


American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language


Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition


National Association for Bilingual Education