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We Are Dobson 2017

Advanced/Accelerated Programs

At Dobson we offer students the opportunity to take advantage of either some or all of our advanced/accelerated courses through our Advanced/Accelerated Program.

AP courses prepare students to take the National Advanced Placement Examination given in late spring of each school year. Students may be granted advanced placement status and/or college credit based on their performance upon these tests. Students enrolled in AP courses will be required to take the appropriate AP examination at the end of the course. However, students are not required to take an AP course to be eligible to take an AP examination. Dobson High School offers 18 Advanced Placement courses

Dual enrollment courses are college courses that are taught at Dobson through a Dual Enrollment Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) with a community college. Dual credit courses require payment of college tuition and successful completion of a college test. Successful completion of a three (3) hour dual credit course is equal to one-half (1⁄2) high school credit.

Grade Point Average Advanced/accelerated high school courses taken at Dobson receive weighted grade point values. Weighted grade point values are possible because of higher expectations and greater rigor required in the work. The grade point values for these courses are: A = 5.0, B = 4.0, C = 3.0, D = 2.0, D- = 1.0 and F = 0. Weighted grades are only granted when the student completes the entire course. Otherwise, no weighted grade point value is applied.

National Recognition Several of Dobson’s programs garner national attention for their success.  Some of these programs are:

  • Yearbook
  • Choir, Band, Orchestra
  • We The People
  • Student Advisors Department

Elective Courses

Dobson is a comprehensive high school, offering classes in World Languages, Career and Technical Education, Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Physical Education, ROTC.  For more information, visit Dobson’s website at

Dobson High School Recent Highlights

  • 2018 Civic Engagement School
  • 2018 1 Flynn Scholar
  • 2018 7 Questbridge Scholars
  • 2018 5 Wood Scholars
  • 2017 Civic Engagement School 
  • 2017 6 QuestBridge Scholars
  • 2017 No Place for Hate School
  • 2016 Civic Engagement School  
  • 2016 U.S. News & World Report - Silver Medal School
  • 2016 One National Hispanic Scholar
  • 2016 No Place for Hate School
  • 2015 Civic Engagement School
  • 2015 One Presidential Scholar
  • 2015 No Place for Hate School
  • 2015 D-I State Champions – Girls Basketball
  • 2014 Two National Merit Scholars, 2 National Hispanic Scholars and one Commended Scholar
  • 2014 Civic Engagement School
  • 2014 No Place for Hate School
  • 2013 Civic Engagement School
  • 2013 No Place for Hate School
  • 2011 First-chair musicians at Arizona's all-state music festivals
  • 2011 Three National Merit Scholars and one Flinn Scholar
  • 2009 President Obama visits Dobson on February 18 – his first domestic trip in office.

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Mission Statement

The mission of Dobson High School community is to offer comprehensive educational opportunities, to provide quality instruction, and to set high standards that enable graduates to be successful members of society.




   Head     Heart     Horseshoe

At Dobson we embrace learning, compassion and legacy. Our theme of Head-Heart-Horseshoe stands for responsibility for learning,  respect of one another, and leaving a legacy for the future.

We also continue the Head-Heart-Horseshoe theme with our P.B.I.S. program where through positive behavioral supports students are encouraged to demonstrate responsibility, respect and leave a legacy.

Our School

Dobson High School is a richly diverse and talented student body.  Our current student body of 2500 students is one of the most representative campuses in the state, with a racial and economic presence that matches the state’s average.  We are 34.6% white, 48.8% Hispanic, 7.6% African American, 2.9% Asian, and 4.9% Native American.  We also have 59.4% of our students who qualify for Free/Reduced lunch.  It is a vibrant, energetic, inclusive student body that is a picture of the world our students will enter upon graduation.


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