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Seussville – Dr. Seuss related education games



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Teacher created materials to support Pearson-Scott-Foresman Reading materials

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New York History Interactive Site:



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Within these Walls:

History of a 200 year old house in Ipswich, MA and the families who lived there.


State Flags Game:


Showcase of Paper Money – U.S. :


Mt. Rushmore Gallery: – History:



Interactive Social Studies Websites for Kids – Tons of Fabulous Resources:





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San Diego Zoo:


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PBS Teachers – All levels and multiple subjects, including science – video


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Discovery Channel School - video


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Math and Reading Games for Kids of All Levels:


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Greta’s Game Station – All Subjects/Grades


A Plus Math – Math Flashcards, worksheets





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Lots of Resources for Teachers/Kids in Multiple Curricular Areas (interactive pattern blocks, vector math, function machines, fact/opinion, poetry forms, spelling portals and more)


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