Title I

What’s TITLE I?

Edison Elementary receives additional supplemental funds through a Title I grant from the federal government to provide extra supplementary services for all of our students.  Your children will benefit directly or indirectly from this extra help.  At Edison, these funds along with other federal resources will be consolidated to support school wide positive changes.  Funds can be used to:

  • Hire highly qualified instructional personnel to assist teachers within the classrooms

  • Provide training for staff and teachers

  • Provide supplemental instructional materials and technology

  • Ensure high-quality School wide Programs

  • Increase parent involvement participation

We are pleased to have these funds to provide high quality instruction for all children.

Estimados Padres:

La escuela Edison recibe fondos suplementarios adicionales a través de una subvención de Título I del gobierno federal para proveer servicios suplementarios extras a todos nuestros estudiantes.  Sus hijos se beneficiarán directa o indirectamente de esta ayuda.  En  la escuela Edison estos fondos junto con otros recursos federales, serán consolidados para apoyar cambios escolares positivos.  Los fondos pueden ser utilizados para:  

  • Contratar a personal docente altamente calificado para ayudar a los maestros en la clase

  • Proveer entrenamiento para los empleados y maestros

  • Proveer material de instrucción suplemental y tecnología

  • Asegurar programas escolares de la mayor calidad

  • Aumentar la participación de los padres en la escuela

Nos complace tener estos fondos para proporcionar instrucción de alta calidad a todos los estudiantes.


ESSA - Every Student Succeeds Act

This is a replacement in policy for NCLB.  It gives states much more latitude for the control and use of funds that are provided from federal funds.  

There are 5 target areas that require us to use our Title One dollars a specific way.  

  1. Parents as Partners- develop roles for parents in their child’s education.

  2. Build Capacity- increase school effectiveness for staff and students

  3. Integrate Services- coordinate efforts with other federal/state programs that overlap

  4. ID Barriers- family needs to assist in learning and strategies with family interaction

  5. Effective Strategies- use of parent data to build future effective parental involvement


Annual Title One meeting, parent workshops, school compact and provide info on curriculum, standards, testing and role of parent in decision making

2 way communication, translation when available, progress and parent conferences, ability to volunteer/observe,
district level Parent Advisory Board -create and maintain (encouraged, not required)       

3 areas to evaluate from families- barriers, ability to assist students, successful interactions            


Why SEL?  meaningful connect with all families, use strategies with measurable outcomes, build school personnel capacity, coordinate programs across the system

Parental Involvement Policy

Edison Elementary is committed to its students.  We believe a partnership between the school and home is essential to the success of a child. At Edison, we use our AVID agendas and binders to provide a direct home-school communication tool for every classroom.  

Parent-School Compact

The Parent-School Compact is an agreement between Edison Elementary School staff, parents, and students.