Mrs. Holly Williams, associate superintendent, oversees the educational services department, which provides comprehensive support and services for the day-to-day operations of Mesa Public Schools.

The department consists of the associate superintendent, area assistant superintendents, assistants superintendents of special education and teaching & learning, and director of school safety & security.

Area Assistant Superintendents

The area assistant superintendents are the direct supervisors of principals at the schools. Schools are organized into three areas. The area assistant superintendents work with schools to manage the day-to-day operation and learning at each school. Mrs. Arlinda Mann is the assistant superintendent for elementary west areaMs. Monica Mesa is the assistant superintendent for elementary east area. Dr. Randy Mahlerwein is the area assistant superintendent for secondary 7-12.

School Safety & Security

Mr. Allen Moore, director of school safety & security, oversees security in Mesa Public Schools. During the school year, the primary focus is two-fold: To provide for the safety and security of our students, teachers and staff in order to provide a safe learning environment; and to keep students and parents in compliance with truancy laws. 

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Special Education

Mrs. Theresa Baca, assistant superintendent of special education, oversees special education, special education preschool, psychological services, section 504, Medicaid monitoring, health services, special education records, Mesa Center for Success at Jordan, Red Mountain Center for Early Education, and the SHARP program.

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Teaching & Learning

Dr. Tracy Yslas, assistant superintendent of teaching and learning, is responsible for overseeing comprehensive programs in athletics, K-12 physical education, health and fitness; career & technical education (CTE); community education; creative & performing arts; teaching & learning support; gifted & talented; library services; math, science, social sciences, traffic safety, sex education; reading, English language arts, world languages, English language acquisition; Eagleridge Enrichment Program, Mesa Distance Learning; professional learning; Title I and school improvement, homeless services (McKinney-Vento), migrant.

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