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Mesa Public Schools Educational Technolgy team is here for the district's classified staff technology training needs.

In person Trainings

Inperson Training ImageAttend one of our upcoming face to face trainings.

Summer 2022!

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Getting Help

Help IconEducational Technology (480) 472-0004
Assisting district classified staff with trainings in fundemental technology skills as well as Google and Microstoft products. 
->Option 9: Classified Trainers


Information Systems Help Desk (480) 472-0044
->Option 1: Computer/Printer Support, Copier Repair,
                        Telephone,Fax Repair, Internet, E-mail

Online Help Desk:
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Self-Paced Lessons from CustomGuide

Computer Training ImageThese bite-sized interactive video lessons created by CustomGuides are great for learning a new program or brushing up on your skills.