**NOTE** New Student Devices issued over the summer (2020) have OneNote 2019 installed on them. When adding them as part of OneNote Class Notebook through Canvas, the desktop version now says "OneNote" (Not OneNote 2016) and the app version is now "OneNote for Windows 10". If you want the desktop version, have students select the icon that says "OneNote". Older devices that were previously at the schools and have not been reimaged may still have OneNote 2016 installed.


Part of Microsoft’s Office suite, OneNote 2016 is a powerful application that allows users to gather and take down notes and information in a variety of formats - hand- written, typed, screen clippings and drawings. You can also insert pictures, video and audio into your notes in OneNote.

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TEC 1169: OneNote - An Introduction

Using your Lenovo Thinkpad Helix with OneNote, a powerful productivity app in the Microsoft Office suite, can give you added flexibility both inside and outside the classroom. This training will give you an introduction to how OneNote can be used to take typed or digitally handwritten notes for lesson planning, PLCs, and/or instruction on your Lenovo. Click HERE to access the ERO system to register for the course.

TEC 1239: OneNote Class Notebook

This class will help you get started using the OneNote Class Notebook. This powerful add-on to OneNote allows you to create a notebook for your students that contains content and collaboration spaces as well as individual notebooks for each student. As the teacher, you can easily and quickly share information with students and give them instant feedback on their notes.