Badges for Student Learning

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What are digital badges?

Micro-credentials such as digital badges are a marker of learning, skills, or achievements. They take the form of a digital image including course or skill name and completion date that is linked to a description of what the learner accomplished, requirements that were met, or an example of work that demonstrates competency.

How are digital badges earned?

Learners earn badges by demonstrating the acquisition of learning or skill development in a variety of ways. Completing a professional development course in person or online, submitting evidence of a lesson/collaboration/skill, or completing forms or simulations that demonstrate learning are some examples. Due to the variety of ways an educator can earn a micro-credential, they provide for more transparent, personalized, interest driven learning opportunities.

Many courses are part of a larger course sequence, or "learning pathway". Each learning pathway has its own top-level badge, earned by completing the component courses.

How are badges used in student learning?

Digital badges serve as proof of learning or skills to be tracked and displayed publicly. They can honor learning and accomplishment that might otherwise not be tracked or acknowledged. Since they are linked to specific criteria used to assess or provide evidence of learning, digital badges provide a clearer picture of what the learner has accomplished than a traditional certificate. This can provide evidence of student learning.

Viewing and Displaying Badges

Badgr is our badge management and delivery service. You may wish to open a Badgr account if you wish to create or display badges of your own. Click here for a link to the Badgr sign in/login page and sign in using your MPS Active Directory credentials. This tutorial provides details on creating an account in Badgr.

After logging into Badgr, you will be able to create an "issuer" profile, upload badges you have created, and organize them into groups if applicable. See the Badge Creation links at left to get started!


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