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Using the Internet: Evaluating Online Information

Using good strategies will narrow a search but there will still be many websites to choose from. How do you decide? Knowing how to evaluate websites and information will help you make good choices.

When you are visiting a website, be cautious because anybody can publish anything on the Internet and a lot of it is not true.

To decide whether information is true, ask yourself:

  • Who made this website? Factual information should be provided by experts on the subject and should list trustworthy sources of information. 

  • What is their motive? They may be trying to sell you something or they may have opinions they want you to agree with. 

  • Is it correct? Check multiple trusted sources and compare to other websites and information resources such as books and databases. 

TaskActivity for K-3rd : Click here to read the NetSmartzKids eBook Webster's Gecko Goof 


TaskActivities for 4th-12th: 

1) Learn more by visiting any of these sites:

2) Click on the images to visit each website below & decide if they are trustworthy or not: 

Tree Octopus

Can you trust the Tree Octopus website?
Click to answer: YES or NO

All About Explorers

Can you trust the All About Explorers website? 
Click to answer: YES or NO


Can you trust the DHMO website? 
Click to answer: YES or NO