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Using the Internet: Webpages


URL Address

Every website has a web address. It might also be called a domain name or URL which stands for Uniform Resource Locator.

The addresses end in .com.edu.org, and others. These endings can tell you something about the website. Here's what some of them mean:

.edu is a college or university website. Only schools can use this so it is usually trustworthy. 

          Examples: asu.edu and nau.edu.

.gov is a government website. Only government agencies can use this. 

          Examples: nasa.gov and whitehouse.gov. 

.org is an organization. K-12 school websites usually end in .org but anybody is allowed to use this. 

          Examples: mpsaz.org and code.org.

.com or .net is a commercial website. These are usually businesses or personal websites. Be cautious!

          Examples: google.com and amazon.com.


TaskTask: Watch the video, Internet Domains... What Web Addresses Mean