Epson projector

Connecting a document camera 


OPTION 1:  USB connection. 
If you would like to use SMART Board tools with the document camera image then you must connect this way which allows you to show the document camera image on the computer. 

Click here for directions to download software and connect the USB cable.

The software has its own interactive tools but you can use the SMART Board tools if you are more familiar with them. 


OPTION 2: VGA connection.
The simplest way requires no software and uses a VGA cable to connect the document camera directly to the projector. Detailed directions are available below- see "Connecting Your Document Camera to Your Projector." This is the only way to connect if you do not have a computer connected to the projector. If you also have a computer connected to the projector there are two drawbacks to this connection: 1) You must use the "Source Search" button to toggle between the document camera and computer. 2) If a SMART Board is connected to the computer, there is no way to use the SMART Board tools with the document camera image.