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Resources for Students & Families

Click here for directions to find, login, and get started using Google Classroom. (Haga clic aquí para español)


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Students must login to Google Classroom at home using their MPS username & password. Click here to learn how to login.



Question: Why can't my child access Google Meet video chat? 
Answer: Google Meet is not available for MPS students. Teachers should use Webex for video meetings with students, instead of Google Meet. 


Question: How does my student join a Webex Meeting? 
Answer: Click here for directions.


Question: Why can't I login to Google Classroom? 

  • Make sure that you are logged in with an MPS account. Users cannot access an MPS class with a personal gmail account. Click here for login help.
  • If more than one person is sharing the same computer, they should each login to their Google account using their own Chrome browser profile- click here for directions.

Question: Why isn't a Google Classroom code working? 

  • Make sure that the student is logged in with an MPS account. A student cannot access a class with a personal gmail account. Click here for login help.
  • It's easy to mix up zeroes and letter O's. Retype and try again.

Resources for Teachers

IMPORTANT UPDATE! Do not use Google Meet for classroom meetings. It is not available for MPS students. Use Webex Meetings.

IMPORTANT!The first time you access Google Classroom, you will be asked to identify your role. Teachers/Employees - ALWAYS choose Teacher!  You can still be a student in a class, but you must identify your main role as TEACHER!

                Only students should choose student as a role:
                      Pick the correct role


GET STARTED HERE: Setting up your Classroom for remote learning

How do I...

  • Invite students to my class? Click here

  • Generate a class email list to invite students to my Classroom? Click here

  • Have parents help students log into Google Classroom? Click here 

  • Help parents and/or students create & log into different profiles when they’re sharing a computer at home? Click here

  • Reset a student password? Click here

  • Quickly find an answer? Click here to search Google's Online Help Center

  • Contact my EdTech Trainer? Click here

  • Make a screencast video to share in Google Classroom? Click here & scroll to Screencasting Resources at the bottom. 

  • Use YouTube to share videos that I create? Click here

  • Copy a classroom? Click here

  • Make a copy of a Google document? Click here

  • Make an assignment that shares a file so each student gets their own copy? Click here. (If you made an assignment & need to make changes to it click here)  

  • Save a pdf with fewer pages so I can share it in classroom? Click here

  • Find & use the To-Do List? Click here for a video or here for Google's written directions

  • Turn On/Off Email Notifications in Google Classroom? Click here

Webex Meetings:


Content Resources provided by Teaching & Learning:

Training resources:

EdTech is providing live training sessions via Webex!
Click here for the schedule. You don't have to register. Just click the link to join a session at the scheduled time. Or, view these recorded sessions anytime:


MPS professional learning courses are available through GROW:

Google Classroom Online Training Center Click here to learn from Google!