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Ideas for using Google Forms
Welcome to our growing list of ideas on how Google Forms can be used. The ideas are grouped based on who would be filling out the live form.

Blended Learning

Flipping is a form of blended learning.  Forms is one tool that can be used to deliver content to students outside of class and collect data for a student-centered flipped classroom.

  • Insert YouTube videos to deliver content to students/participants
  • Ask questions for accountability (did they do it?)
  • Ask questions to check for understanding
  • Ask questions to guide student discussions/activities
  • Use the Summary of responses to get a snapshot of the data
  • Use the Summary of responses to generate conclusions/inferences
  • Use Sheet data to formulate groups


These ideas are listed with the Student as the intended audience.  They can be created by the teacher or other students.

  • Emotion Graph
  • Spelling Test
  • Comprehension questions
  • Maths data handling
  • Book review
  • Prior learning assessment
  • Formative assessment
  • Summative assessment
  • Interest survey to get to know your students
  • Interest survey for grouping
  • Prior course-work completed survey
  • Learning styles survey
  • End of year/course evaluation
  • Peer survey
  • Exit ticket
  • Student elections
  • Club applications
  • Request to meet with the teacher/counselor/principal
  • Lab notebook
  • Online reading record
  • Guided reading record
  • Student Created Interactive Fiction
  • Review quizzes/tests (teacher and/or student created)
  • Digital Assignment Submission
  • Homework check-in (for flipped classroom model)
  • Project applications
  • Classroom library book check-out
  • Student created e-Portfolio
  • A "Pinterest" form to keep track of favorite URL's
  • Contest entry form
  • Timeline
  • Silent Witness
  • Schedule Change Request
  • Google Account Help
  • Nominations
  • Mood Check-in (How do you feel today?)
  • Peer grade class presentations
  • Teach Questionnaire Design


These ideas were created with the Parent as the intended audience.

  • Student Needs 
  • Parent Contact Information
  • Online Absence Note
  • Teacher Request
  • Field Trip Sign-Up
  • Technology at Home Survey

General Use

The ideas listed below can be used with a variety of audiences.

  • Staff contact information
  • Technology Requests
  • Maintenance/Custodial Requests
  • Supply Requests
  • Agreement forms
  • Schedule change request
  • Request a meeting
  • Silent witness
  • Transcript request
  • Collect words to create a collaborative wordle
  • Create a public survey (post on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

20+ Innovative Pedagogical Strategies using Google Forms


The ideas listed below are listed with the Teacher as the intended audience.

  • Data related to a school or district goal/plan
  • PLC data
  • Status reports
  • Needed/Wanted in-service topics
  • Feedback after an in-service
  • Campus concerns
  • Rubric
  • Discipline Tracker
  • Phone log
  • Eligibility for EC activities
  • ESP for Gifted Students
  • Inventory
  • Student Progress
  • Self-Checking "Scavenger Hunt"
  • Student check-in/check-out sheet


The ideas listed below were created for administrative use.

  • Classroom Walk Through

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