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Gmail is a Web-based email service that provides students and school employees with a school-managed email account under a unique domain for the school (i.e. mpsaz.org.)


Student email address K-8 (plus all new students)Student email address format (9-12) - Directions with screen shots on how to login to student email.

Locate Active Directory and Email Account Information - Directions on how to locate Active directory and email account information via Synergy. 

Basic Gmail Settings - Directions with screenshots to help students set basic settings for more efficient use of email.

Gmail for Students - Screenshots to help students navigate Inbox and create and send an email.

Using the 'Email List' in Synergy

Create a student email list from Synergy into a Google contact list

Create a student email list with commas for copying and pasting into Webex

Create a parent contact list -Tutorial


Gmail Tips & Tricks - recorded webinar from 04/17/20

EdTech Live! - Episode 9:  Gmail Settings

Color Code Your Email Labels in Gmail - Don't lose track of your emails - Video

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Click HERE to go directly to Google's Online Help center for Gmail.