MPS iPod ProjectiPod Shuffle

In the MPS iPod Project, iPods were used as a teaching tool for language learners at home. Stories were loaded onto the iPods so that students could listen as they read along with the book at home with their family.

iPod kits may be available at some schools, but they are no longer being distributed and supported. Now that students are taking home a device from school, it is easier to download the stories from this website to their MPS computers. 

The iPods were used to enhance learning by:

  • Engaging students in the learning process
  • Enhancing instruction
  • Increasing achievement and motivation
  • Differentiating instruction for diverse learners
  • Extending learning from classroom to home
  • Reaching ELL families in our community

If you need directions to use an iPod kit, CLICK HERE.


The stories on the iPod Project Website are only available on the MPS Intranet. They are only accessible to students at home if they download them onto their computers at school.



Here are some comments from teachers who have participated in the iPod Project:

"The iPod Program greatly increased reading comprehension and fluency among my ELD students. I saw a great difference in comprehension assessments after starting to send home the iPods in Jan."

"I like the fact that kids who don't have someone to read with them at home could read along with the books."

The access the iPods give to students for the stories they have read in class at home is very beneficial to their English acquisition, their reading in general, and also has benefits for the family who share in the listening/reading of the stories at home. It is a great support to their learning of English and reading."

I think it promotes confidence in the students' reading thus improving the fluency practice."

I love that students are able to incorporate technology with homework. This helps students gain passion in their reading."

"The iPod Project was a HUGE success in my ELD classroom this year.  I look forward to using it again next year. The students benefited from it and enjoyed taking it home. It is very user friendly for my families as well as myself and makes learning fun! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this awesome program!" -Elissa, 1st grade, Holmes

 "Over 90 percent of my ELL students made benchmark thanks in part to you bringing the iPod program to Longfellow!"
-Ginger, 2nd grade

"It's easy to use and brings technology into homes." 

"I like how it gives my students another opportunity to listen to the story and have family talks about the story."

"I send a printed copy of the story with the iPod, students have told me their parents are sitting with them and are learning English."

"I like being able to get a student interested in a story that they will want to read, this helps introduce new vocabulary and builds their understanding of English."

"I like that students can take the stories home and share them with their parents as well as hear them again at home."

"Kids can listen at their own pace and go over sections of the story again. Helps reinforce the story of the week along with listening, comprehension, etc." 

"The students can get extra practice with the Harcourt stories and hear stories in English. I also liked that the whole family can benefit since there are speakers in the kits."