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How to sign in to a browser
With a Mesa Public Schools account

In Mesa Public Schools, every student and employee has a Google account which is used to access most programs including Google Apps and Canvas. 

Students & staff should login to the browser on their computer using their MPS Google account. Students, i
f you do not know your username, please request it from your teacher. These directions will work on both an MPS-provided or personal computer.

Directions to login to Chrome browser for the first time:

IMPORTANT! Students: make sure that you are typing the email address and password correctly. 

For the username: Every email ends in @students.mpsaz.org, and it is easy to forget the “s” in “students”. If you type username@student.mpsaz.org instead of username@students.mpsaz.org it will not work.

For the password: Capitalize the first initial of the password (ie. Bf123456) 

NOTE: The default standard for a student’s password is:
First name initial (capitalized) + the last name initial (lowercase) + the student’s six-digit ID number.    

Example:  Benjamin Franklin’s password would be Bf123456

Signing into more than one account?
Read this important information first!

If you login to more than one Google account on the same browser, it can cause problems accessing Google files or Canvas. For example, if a student is logged into both their MPS and personal Google account, and their teacher shares a file with them in Canvas, it may recognize the personal, non-MPS account instead of the MPS account and not allow access.

To avoid or fix this, choose one of the following methods:

  • Each user/account on the computer can use a completely different browser. For example, the MPS student uses Chrome for the school account and uses Edge for personal. If you choose this method, it is important that only one Google account is logged in on each browser.

  • “Add a person” which makes a completely separate Chrome browser profile for each user so nobody needs to log out:

Having Issues?

If you have followed the directions on this page and a problem is still not resolved, try these: 

  • In the Chrome browser, Open an incognito window and try accessing there.
  • Open a different browser, such as Microsoft Edge or Safari, and try accessing there.
  • Try to login on a different computer, if possible.

If you still are unable to login, choose one of the following:

  • Contact the MPS Information Systems Helpdesk online at help.mpsaz.org
  • Call  the MPS Information Systems Helpdesk 472-0044
  • Click the red button below to request that Information Systems reset the password.


What browser are you using?

Chrome Browser IconIf you don't know what browser you are using, click here. Since Mesa Public Schools uses Google accounts for our email logins, the recommended browser to use is Google Chrome. If you have a Chromebook, then your browser is automatically Chrome. But on a Mac or PC computer, if you want to use the Chrome browser, you have to open the Safari or Edge browser and then download and install the Chrome browser. You can check in your installed programs to see if you already have it installed. If you don’t, then you have two options: 

  1. Open Edge or Safari (or any browser you have) and navigate to Google.com and sign in with your MPS account.

  2. Install Chrome, then sign in with your MPS account.