Epson Projector Troubleshooting

CLICK HERE for suggestions for fixing projector issues with Windows or a docking station.

This list is for troubleshooting issues with the actual projector: 

Dirty lens
Replace lamp (bulb)
Image is dark or dim
Image is a different color
No image on screen
Blue screen
Status lights
Image is trapezoid shaped
No image on computer monitor
Buttons don't work
Image cuts off


Still need help after troubleshooting?

If the projector appears to need repair, there are two options:

  • Call the manufacturer (Epson) at 562-276-4394 to find out if your projector is under warranty and also for additional troubleshooting assistance. If it is under warranty and needs repair, Epson will take care of that. They will send you information for returning the Unit to Epson for Exchange. Do not use a personal or district credit card as a hold in order to have the unit shipped to you.  Epson will send information to return the item through UPS (shipping is paid by Epson). Prior to sending the Unit, Complete an Equipment Transfer Form listing that the equipment was sent to the vendor for repair work and send the form to MDC.  It is also necessary to complete a Return Material to Vendor Form in case we will be receiving a credit for the item. To obtain this form, contact MDC at 472-0940 or Educational Technology at 472-0004. This form goes to MDC, Purchasing and Accounts Payable so everyone is in the loop. Returned items should be shipped through the MDC mail-room.  Questions regarding this process can be addressed by purchasing at 472-0143.
  • If the projector is out of warranty, your school can pay Epson to repair it.
  • EdTV will no longer send projectors and document cameras for repair. Replacement lamps are now available from the MDC catalog (listed as "Lamp, Epson").


Basic tips for any issue:

Turn off the projector and unplug it and disconnect all cables. Plug it back in and reconnect cables.

Use on-screen help by pressing the ? Help button on the top of the projector.

Or try some of the solutions for specific issues below:



Clear area around the projector to ensure that nothing is blocking the vents.

Clean the filter and vent. Turn off the filter first and let it cool. Remove the air filter to gently clean both sides: 83+ or 93+.

The projector will get hot. This is normal.
If you are not seeing a warning message and your projector is not shutting down on its own, then it is probably not overheating.


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The lens is dirty:

To remove dust use compressed air.

To remove dirt or smears on the surface, gently use a lens cleaning paper or cloth.

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The image is dark or dim/ When do I replace the lamp (bulb)?

Make sure the lens cover (A/V Mute Slide) is open all the way.

You might need to replace the bulb if:

  • The image gets darker or deteriorates
  • The lamp light flashes orange
  • The message “Replace the Lamp” appears on the screen.

Directions to replace the lamp: 83+ or 93+.

To dispose of used lamps, send them in interoffice mail to MDC.

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The image is a different color: 

Inspect the pins on each end of the VGA cable. If a pin is bent, try to bend it back. Or replace the VGA cable.

If the color red looks black...

Try a different VGA cable. The VGA cable probably needs to be replaced.

If one of the outputs is purple...

The input setting may be set to component instead of RGB.
Press the Menu button and choose the Advanced tab. Then set the color adjustment to RGB

If the image is pink, multicolored, striped, etc...

Press the Menu button and adjust settings:

  • Choose the Signal menu. Adjust the Sync and Tracking settings.
  • Choose the Image menu. Adjust the settings.
  • Reset all settings to factory default.

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No image appears on the screen:

If you only see the logo projected and the icons are gone, the computer is in Extended Desktop mode. To change to Duplicate, follow these directions

Check that the Power light is green. If flashing, see table below.

If the light is orange it may be in sleep mode. Press the Power button to turn it back on.

The attached computer may be in sleep mode or displaying a black screen saver. Press a key on the computer.

Make sure that the A/V Mute slide door is open all the way.

A different source may be selected- Press Source Search button.

Check that the cables are connected correctly. If they are, try different cables.

Adjust the Brightness setting on the Image menu or select High for the Brightness Control setting in the Settings menu.

Press and hold the Enter button for 7 seconds.

If all three lights are red, then reseat or replace the bulb.

Inspect the pins on each end of the VGA cable. If a pin is bent, try to bend it back. Or replace the VGA cable.

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You see a blue screen with the message No Signal displayed:

Make sure the power to the computer is turned on.

A different source may be selected- Press Source Search button.

Check that the cables are connected correctly. If they are, try different cables.

On a laptop you may have to press function (Fn) key and F8 key at same time.

Try adjusting these settings:Projector

1) Right click on the desktop and choose 
2) Select the “Settings” tab
3) Click on the number 2. If “Extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor” is not checked, check it and apply. If you see see your computer image now, but it looks odd, you can adjust the screen resolution by moving the slider. Usually “1024 by 768 pixels” works well.

You can also select the "Advanced" button and then select the graphics driver tab. Select graphics properties then select "Clone" operating mode. Contact EdTech at 2-0004 for assistance.

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Status lights on top of the projector are flashing:


If the lamp light is flashing orange after you have replaced the lamp (bulb) then you need to reset the lamp hours. Select Menu then Reset then Reset Lamp Hours.

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The image is trapezoid-shaped:

Make sure the projector is facing the screen directly.

Adjust the keystone settings by pressing the trapezoid-labeled buttons above and below the Enter button until the image is rectangular.

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Nothing appears on the computer monitor:

Make sure the computer VGA cable is connected to Computer 1 port on projector.

Make sure the monitor VGA cable is connected to Monitor Out port on projector.

If you want the doc cam connected directly to the projector, connect the VGA to Computer 2.

The Epson 93 projectors have a default setting that needs to be changed if you don’t want the sleep mode from the projector to turn the monitor off.  The setting is in "Extended". From there go to "stand by" mode.  Change from "communication off' to "communication on". 


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The buttons on the projector don’t work:

Press and hold the Enter button for 7 seconds to release the Operation Lock.

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Image from the projector cuts off:

Make the screen resolution smaller.
To do this: Right click on the desktop and select Properties. Next, select Settings and move the Screen Resolution bar to "Less."

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