Troubleshooting Classroom Technology

Arm holding wrench coming out of computer screen

General Tips

  • Check that the device has power.
  • Check for damage or loose connections.
  • Refresh the browser.
  • Close and reopen the program.
  • Shut down and restart.
  • Reset the device: 
    • Lenovo: Insert a paperclip in the small hole on the bottom OR press on the power button until the light goes off. Then restart.
    • Dell: At the same time- press the power button AND the volume button furthest from it until the light goes off. Then restart.
  • Run updates. Click here for directions to run Lenovo & Windows Updates.

Still need help? Call the Helpdesk at 472-0044 or access the online helpdesk

Troubleshooting Hardware


Troubleshooting Poster

for all MPS Student Computers

How to setup your computer

Avoid some issues by adjusting settings!
Directions for students AND staff