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Teacher Success Stories
How ECFI teachers are using technology with their students

Guided Reading

Shanan Campbell (1st) used Nearpod for a guided reading lessons. Her students are able to read together and ALL answer the questions, she doesn't have to choose just one student to answer. They were featured on EdTech Live! Watch that episode here.

Digital Storytelling

Jamie English (6th) and Dawn Harrington (1st) have teamed up their kiddos to for a digital storytelling project! The buddies have taken some really neat, abstract pictures around campus and are now writing stories to go with them. Once they have their very excellent stories written, they'll combine them with their photos and record them using the Shadow Puppet Edu app.

typing in google docs


Tori Griffith (Kinder) created a class in Educreations for all her students to link to! That way she can see all of her students work in her account without them having to share it through the Drive.


Judith Laten is using the drawing activity in Nearpod to have students create new words using prefixes and suffixes and the kids are loving it! They are completely engaged in reading their newly created multi-syllable words.


Cali Black had 100% student engagement (with 6th grade!) when reviewing how to find the areas of polygons using Kahoot. Kahoot is a game based response system that allows you to quickly create and deliver assessments in a highly engaging way. You can also have students create Kahoots for you and each other to demonstrate learning.

Edmodo & Assessment

Julie Pauken has really embraced using Edmodo with her students! She's getting her students used to testing on the iPads using quizzes and the Snapshot tool that mimics what students might experience on the AzMerit in the spring.

Explain Everything

Judith Laten has become a pro at using Explain Everything to become untethered. Instead of being attached to the locker shelf "doc cam" she is free to roam her room and help students in the moment providing just in time teaching and correction.

Google Sheets & Flippity

Marriam Motamedi has been using Google Sheets and to have her students work on their vocabulary. She creates a Google Sheet in which the first tab is a vocabulary assignment for the students to complete. Column A is a list of vocabulary words, Column B students enter the plural of the word in Column A. Student word assignments are color coded so students know which words are assigned to them. Marriam has established procedures so students have editing permissions and understand they are only allowed to work in Column B. Students know she can use the Revision History feature to see if they have made changes in areas they are not to touch. Using and Tab 2 Marriam is easily able to take the Google Sheet and turn it into Flashcards the students can practice with on their iPads. Ask Marriam for more details about this process. It is amazing to see!!

student techies

SAMR & Explain Everything

Judith Laten and John Westberg were a great demonstration of scaling the SAMR model this week! Judith started the week using her iPad in place of a doc cam (Substitution) to project her math book so students could follow the lesson. She then started using Explain Everything to quickly take pictures of the book and insert them into the presentation. Judi was then untethered! She could roam around the room projecting and annotating on the page (Augmentation). John has taken it to the next level and uses the record feature in Explain Everything, to capture the lesson as he gives it. He's then able to share the lesson with students who were out of the room or need to see the lesson again (Modification). Great job 5th grade!


Nicole Granese was giving beautiful Nearpod presentation for 3rd grade! Students were asked to examine a picture and take mental notes of everything they saw. They were able to zoom in to specific parts to see more detail and some were taking screenshots so they could save the photo for after the lesson. Nicole then had students answer an open-ended question, recording all the details they could remember, and then submit their answers to her. The students were amazed to see how different their answers were!

Google Sheets

Judith Laten has begun to have her students digitize their vocabulary work! Students have proven their understanding of how to create and use the vocabulary template on paper. Then Judith had them create a Vocabulary folder in their Drive and used Google Sheets to create a Vocabulary Template. They are able to copy the blank template and reuse with a new word. Judith did a great job of providing students with a folder structure and naming conventions to teach them about keeping their Drive organized!

Google Docs

Shanan Campbell is continuing her journey of discovery with using Google Drive with her 1st grade kiddos! When the students completed a writing assessment on paper quicker than expected, Shanan jumped into action and quickly created and shared a Google Doc with them. While the students initially had a good time seeing each other writing in the same place at the same time (You're in my space! HaHa!), Shanan added all of their names to the Doc. Students were told to only write on the line with their name and were very respectful of each others space. She then had her assessment written on paper and a digital version!


Marie Smith (4th) used Socrative to deliver a quiz with leveled questions and a variety of answer options. Great AzMERIT prep!


Tori Griffith (K) used Nearpod this week to teach her Kinder kids about American Symbols. She loved being able to use the activities for pre and post assessments. When students were done with their written work, they used QR codes and Google Street View to access a virtual tour of the White House!


6th grade is using Educreations to create presentations on careers. Their teachers are having them focus first on words. Students are not allowed to add pictures, illustrations, or recordings until the content is complete.

QR Codes

Kindergarten has been using QR codes to distribute leveled readers to the students. 

The QR code is projected and students don't even have to leave their seats to scan the code and have a book in their hands. Students are engaged in their reading and teachers get to save paper and time by not having to stand over a copy machine

Hour of Code

1st - 6th grade ECFI teachers participated in the Hour of Code during National Computer Science Week! Students watched the video What Most Schools Don't Teach and then coded using tutorials on


Jamie English and Cali Black used Rubistar this week to quickly create a collaboration rubric. This is an easy to use tool that offers a wide selection of rubric starters so you can quickly create rubrics without recreating the wheel.

Writing with Technology

Marriam Motamedi and Marie Smith are using Storybird Studio to create storyboards to serve as writing and fluency starters. The EdTech Writing with Technology page is a great source of resources like this.

App Smashing

Marriam Motamedi masterfully managed multi-grade math lessons this week by App Smashing. She used Hapara to share a lesson she had recorded using Explain Everything to her 3rd graders. They watched the lesson, then used manipulatives to answer questions from a worksheet that she had Airdropped to them. While they were busy, she was able to teach her 4th graders about the distributive property. She used Nearpod to present and assess at the same time enabling her to provide just in time correction and enrichment. Video lessons recorded using Explain Everything were embedded in the Nearpod to give her time to check in on 3rd grade progress. Marriam used her resources to make the most of that 40 minutes!

Google Drive & Video

Shanan Campbell's 1st grade ELD class had an amazing lesson this week! The students were able to sign in to their Drive, view an assignment shared with them, record a video of themselves reading a passage, listen back and re-record with corrections, upload their final video to Drive, and share it back with their teacher. 

Edmodo Snapshot

Julie Pauken and Terri Huish have been using Edmodo's Snapshot tool to help their students prepare for AzMerit. While this resource is still new and has some errors, it provides students with practice experience for what is sure to be a rigorous new experience

Google Maps & Weather Channel

Ryan Cornelius was using Google Maps and Weather Channel sites to help students complete entries in their Science Notebooks. It made it easy for students to compare temperatures and climates from different regions of the United States. Using Google Maps, students reached conclusions about why the weather in Boston and Seattle might be similar!


Dawn Harrington did a fantastic review and assessment lesson on Nouns and Verbs with her students using Nearpod! She included slides, quizzes, and drawings to provide students with a variety of ways to demonstrate their learning. Since every student had the presentation on their own iPad, she didn't have to project at all! She can then review their work after the lesson in the Reports section.

Collaboration & Writing

Marie Smith's students are deeply involved in Edmodo as a communication and reflection tool. They take special care with their writing since they know they are publishing it on the internet. The students are aware not only will they see each other's writing, Mrs. Smith will see their writing, their previous teachers, their future teachers, their parents, Mrs. Yslas could all see their writing!!


Marriam Motamedi has created so many fabulous Nearpod lessons she has maxed out her account! We are looking options for upgrading accounts to gain features and storage. Marriam and Marie create lessons and share them to double their resources.