English Language Acquisition Department

The English Language Acquisition Department (ELAD) supports English Learners (ELs) representing a variety of Native and World languages.  English learners come with different proficiency levels ranging from pre-emergent/emergent to basic to intermediate.  Our goal is to provide instruction that aligns with Arizona's 2019 English Language Proficiency Standards to implement  the state mandated Structured English Immersion Models for all elementary and secondary English learners. The focus is on Productive, Receptive, and Interactive modes of communication. The outcome of the English Language Development (ELD) program is for students to reach proficiency in English and academic success in all content areas through integrated instruction in disciplinary language and content and through targeted and explicit ELD instruction.

The English Language Acquisition Department facilitates cooperation between families and community agencies to provide support in meeting the social, physical, and emotional needs of English learner students. ELAD advocates for understanding and acceptance of multi-cultural diversity. As a department we strive for equity for all English learners to help fulfill Mesa Public School's promise of knowing every student, including our English learners, by name, serving them by strength and need, and helping ensure that they graduate ready for college, career, and community.

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