Picture of Mr. FairfieldMr. George Fairfield

Elementary Physical Education Specialist

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Hello! Welcome to my Webster Elementary Physical Education (EPE) web page.  I am almost a native of Arizona, however, I was born and spent a few elementary years in North Dakota before moving to the Phoenix area as a youngster.  Later in life, I attended Arizona State University (ASU) and received a Bachelor's of Science degree in Exercise Science while working as a gymnastics coach for Arizona State University and private clubs in the Valley of the Sun. I returned to ASU for a teaching certificate and later a Masters Degree as my love of teaching in Mesa Public Schools grew and became my professional focus. 

My career with MPS has been enriching in so many ways.  Whether teaching students, collaborating with colleagues, learning new skills, or meeting parents or members of the Mesa community, this has been a rewarding community to work in and with.  As we move into the 2022 - 2023 School Year, we will face new challenges and celebrations in learning with each other.  I want you to know, we all are in this together! Just as I do not want to be left behind, I commit to reaching out and checking in with my students, teachers, and families as we all strive to create a caring school family.  

Together we can ignite a culture of learning and well-being.  We got this!