Hiking in ColoradoMs. Jessica Vasquez

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Phone: (480) 472-5259 Eisenhower (480) 472-5147 Kerr


My name is Jessica Vasquez and I will be your child’s physical education teacher.  I have been teaching since 2015 after I graduated from Arizona State University.  I started as a long term substitute at Kino Junior High then moved to the elementary side.  Currently, I am a district based physical education teacher so that means I travel to different schools.  My schools are Eisenhower and Kerr Elementary. 

I was born in California but have been in Arizona for most of my life so I would consider this my home.  Before considering a career as a physical education teacher, I pursued the study of film and went to film school at Scottsdale Community College where I received a certificate in editing.  

As much as I love movies, I have the same love for sports.  I enjoy watching sports as well as playing.  I have been playing sports since I was six and really fell in love with basketball.  The love for the game turned into a new opportunity as I found the side of coaching to be enjoyable.  It makes me happy to see kids learn something new, which is what convinced me to become a physical education teacher.  I hope to see that during my classes and I look forward to teaching your child as much as I can throughout the year.