About East Valley Academy

East Valley Academy is a positive place to earn your high school diploma.

Teachers and support staff:

  • tailor educational opportunities to enhance academic achievement

  • create continuous positive relationships

  • foster a collaborative environment for students, staff and parents

Our academic programs, activities and support services focus on meeting the needs of each student through:

  • flexible schedules and traditional schedules that allow students to enroll throughout the year
  • direct instruction by certified teachers
  • Mesa Distance Learning and credit recovery options for students who lack enough credits to graduate
  • after school tutoring and Saturday school
  • co-curricular activities such as Service Learning and Student Council
  • academic advisement, special education and psychological services

We specialize in helping students who:

  • may be overwhelmed or distracted by the wide array of course offerings, extracurricular activities or social challenges at a large high school campus
  • will benefit from small class sizes, individual attention and accessible teachers who are dedicated to doing what’s best for students
  • need more flexibility in their class schedule
  • reengage students who have fallen behind in their studies and need to make up credits toward graduation
  • are thinking of dropping out or who have left school and would like to return