Nutrition for Educators!

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There have been scores of studies emphasizing the importance of a well nourished child and their success in school. Virtually all children attend school each weekday and consume one or two meals on school grounds. This provides a wonderful opportunity for Nutrition Educators to make a difference every day. We hope you find these recommended resources helpful in introducing nutrition education into your classroom.






This glossary provides nutrition  information about the nutrients commonly found in fruits, vegetables, and other plant foods .





My Plate: Nutrition education resources for teachers


 60Tips for TeachersThere are a variety of ways that teachers can help children to get more physical activity into each day. Supporting students to lead physically active lifestyles and do at least 60 minutes of physical activity daily helps them grow up to become active, healthy adults. Here are a few tips to reach that goal of 60 minutes a day through active play:


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