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Attention Families: In early 2016, the Board approved changes to high school graduation requirements that began with the class of 2020.  All students will work towards the Standard Diploma, but will have the opportunity to take additional classes and earn other diploma designations.  Please refer to the  Course Catalog for more information.





What is a school counselor?

What does a school counselor do?

How can you see your school counselor?










What is a school counselor?

·         Certificated and specially trained

·         A resource

·         A coordinator

·         A consultant 

·         An advocate between teacher, student, parent, and other agencies


What does a school counselor do?

·         Teach lessons on study skills,  personal and social development, academic planning, and career exploration

·         Liaison for parent/teacher/student conferences

·         Help students individually with academic advisement and planning

·         Meet with students one-on-one regarding personal, social, and/or family issues

·         Conference with parents about concerns they have with their child

·         Help teachers with ideas for student success in school

·         Assist in proper course selection

·         Facilitate high school registration

·         Peer mediation when conflicts arise

·         Facilitate groups

·         Identify resources for support

·         Inform students about programs and opportunities within Mesa Public Schools as well as outside organizations

How can you see your school counselor?

·         Self-referral – Send an e-mail, ask a teacher for a pass, or fill out a blue “Request to See the Counselor” slip, located near the counseling office.  Place your completed slip in the "Counselor Request" box on the desk outside the counseling office door, and you will be called to the counseling office as soon as possible for assistance.

·         Appointments made by the school counselor

·         Parent referral

·         Teacher referral

·         Administrative referral

·         Group participant

·         Classroom lesson