Parents are to teach children that Benjamin Franklin students dress in a neat, attractive fashion reflecting pride in themselves and in their school. The dress code is established to help ensure an atmosphere conducive to study. Pride in student dress and personal appearance is one of the observable differences at Franklin Jr. High School. It is both the parents' and the child's responsibility to ensure compliance with the dress code. Personal appearance is expected to be non-disruptive to the learning atmosphere.

- All shirts/tops must have sleeves that cover the shoulder with a seamed sleeve, meet the pant/short/skirt at all times, and a neckline not to descend 4 inches below the base of the neck.
- Close-toed and close-heeled shoes are required foot-wear and must firmly adhere to the foot.
- Sports/athletic tennis shoes must be laced and tied securely.
- Socks must be worn with all shoes.
- Hair must be well groomed, uniform in color, and the natural color of the student's hair
- Hair may not be worn in a style that covers the eyes.
- Extreme hair styles (Mohawks, shaved designs, colored extensions, etc.) or result in disruption to instruction are not allowed.
- Students may be excluded from class until hair is returned to a natural color.
- No hand coverings of any type are allowed.
- No pen or marker writing or drawings on skin.
- Tattoos and body piercings are not allowed.
- No undergarments may be visible

- Pants/shorts must start at the waist at all times.
- Shorts must be worn to the knee.
- Skirts/dresses are not allowed
- Earrings are not allowed.

- Capris, shorts, skirts, and dresses are acceptable.
- Dresses, skirts, and shorts must be at least knee length.
- Leggings and yoga style pants may be worn, but they must be covered with a skirt, dress, or shorts which come to the knee.
- Light make-up may be applied, heavy make-up will have to be washed off.
- Earrings are allowed (must not be long and dangling)

All clothing must be clean, modest, in good repair, and worn with proper fit. Clothing with disruptive messages is not permitted.

The principal will resolve dress code concerns.