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A. Pursuant to A.R.S. §15-901(A)(2), "…excused absences shall be identified by the Department of Education...". The Department of Education defines an excused absence as being an absence due to illness, doctor appointment, bereavement, family emergencies and out-of-school suspensions not to exceed 10% of the instructional days scheduled for the school year. The Department of Education delegates the decision of family vacations as an excused absence to individual school districts and charter holders.

In order for absences relating to illness, doctor appointment, bereavement, family emergencies, or district approved family vacation to be counted as excused absences, the school must be notified of the absence prior to the absence or when the absence occurs by the parent or legal guardian who has custody of the student. The school will document on paper or paperless format the date and reason for the absence. The documented record shall be maintained for not more than four (4) years.

Excuse for the absence must be received within one day after the student returns to school. If not then the absence will be considered and remain unexcused.

  • Tardy - Students are to be marked tardy if they are up to 9 minutes and less late to any class.
  • Absent - Students are to be marked absent if they are 10 minutes or more late to any class.
  • Doctor Notes - Parents should provide doctor/dentist notes to the school when students are absent for appointments or illness.
  • Contact information - If there is a change in telephone numbers or address during the school year, you must promptly notify the front office.

Arizona Department of Education Absence Information

Mesa Public Schools Absence Form