School Bus Transportation

Daily Transportation

Students living outside a 1.5 mile radius of the school, but still within the attendance area, are granted bus riding privileges. The district's Governing Board sets these limits. If you qualify for transportation privileges, please check the information below.

For convenience in locating the route specific to your area, we have divided our bus route information into regions.  Identify which region you live in, then determine which bus route is closest to your location.  Please plan on being at the bus stop at least 5 minutes before scheduled arrival.


Transportation is responsible for all bus routes.  All the permanent bus route assignment changes must be done thru Fremont Transportation.  The bus routes are designated by address location.  This helps ensure that there will be an even distribution on each bus.  For all questions regarding bus transportation, please phone 480-472-8950.

Bus Route Information:

Region 1:  If you live south of Main Street 

Region 2:  If you live north of Main Street and south of McKellips

Region 3: If you live north of McKellips

Region 4:  If you live in Las Sendas

Region 5:  Fort McDowell