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Chief Science Officers

The 2019-20 Chief Science Officers (CSO's) will collaborate with leaders throughout the state to promote STEM at Fremont Junior High and in Mesa Public Schools.  Congratulations to 8th graders Adam Drew, Grace Heitz and Sam Spear who have been selected to serve as our CSO's.

Pictures of Student Chief Science Officers

STEM Team Building Day

STEM Team Building Picture

Challenge-Build the highest tower with spaghetti, yarn, marshmallow and masking tape.

Team Building

STEM Students Collaborating on Activity

Put your famous scientist picture together to form your groups!

STEM Picture
STEM Picture

STEM Faculty Webpages

Kate Doherty

Honors and 8th STEM-Science

Brenda Frank - Technology/Computers

STEM Coordinator

Gary Ray - Engineering

Project Lead The Way

Software/Computer Engineering

Student Presentation

Biomedical Engineer

Student Presentation

Mechanical Engineer

Student Presentation

Electrical Engineer

Student Presentation

Team Work
STEM Team Work Picture
Future Engineers
STEM Future Engineers Picture
STEM Collaboration Picture
STEM Collaboration Picture 2
STEM Collaboration Picture 3
STEM Collaboration Picture 4
Arizona Science Lab
STEM Arizona Science Lab Adult Presenter

Engineer (STEAM Field Trip)

STEM Mission Statement
STEM Contract


STEM Resources

Including Online Games

STEM Activity Day
Student holding project.
STEM Picture
STEM Students collaborating in group on project
Arizona Science Lab
STEM Problem Solving Picture

Problem Solving

STEM Student in Classroom Picture
Arizona Science Lab
STEM Students  at Arizona Science Lab.

Students interacting with Engineers at the Arizona Science Lab.