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COVID-19 School Closure Resources

During this time of widespread school closures, different organizations have created collections of at-home educational activities.

Games and Puzzles

puzzleDaily SET Online - Use your logic skills to find sets in this puzzle card game.


Daily Quiddler - Exercise your verbal creativity and logic to build words in this card game.


Interactive Sudoku Puzzles - Use your logic skills to solve these number puzzles. Daily Sudoku offers printable puzzles in different formats.


Make 24 - Use your calculation and math skills to make 24.


Digital Tangrams - Use your spatial skills to build different shapes. Printable tangram pieces and puzzles are also available.


Chess - Learn to play chess through different puzzles and by playing against a computer opponent. Chesskid offers the opportunity to learn and play against other kids.


Challenge your logic skills with many different games and puzzles at Math Playground Logic Games, Brain Games, or Brainzilla.


TED-Ed Riddles - Solve video-based logic puzzles.


Quandary - Solve various problems and dilemmas within a science fiction-based future.

Collections of At-Home Activities & Info

atomDifferent organizations have a wealth of information and enrichment activities.

  • Leo At Home - The Leonardo at Home from the Museum of Creativity and Innovation is a collection of resources for at-home learning.
  • Mystery Science - This is a collection of hands-on science explorations. 
  • Mensa For Kids - Mensa for kids has a collection of information and activities.


Computer Programming and Coding

codingLearning to code can help develop creative thinking, critical thinking, and reasoning skills. There are learning opportunities for learners of all levels!


If you are just starting out, these resources offer ways for beginning and young coders to start building their own programs. 

More advanced programming including different programming language options are available at these websites.

Advanced Learning Opportunities with MOOCs

certificateMOOCs or Massive Open Online Courses are free online advanced level courses created by universities or companies. Enrollment in courses is generally free, and many platforms offer completion certifications and other features for a fee. Each MOOC operates differently and has different age restrictions, course offerings, course start times/duration, and fee structure.