Bus Route Information

Children should know their BUS ROUTE NUMBER AND​ COLOR​. At times, it is necessary to change the actual bus, so children should NOT use the bus number printed on the bus for reference. Times and locations listed are approximate. Students should arrive 10 minutes prior to the published pick-up time in the mornings.

  • Route 155A-252 & 155P-252 RED
  • Route 155A-220 & 155P-220 PURPLE
  • Route 155A-209 & 155P-209 GREEN

If a bus has a mechanical breakdown, a substitute bus is always sent out to complete the route, but may be late. If your child’s bus is late, please contact the school for updated information. 

Students must ride their assigned bus route and no other bus. ​Exceptions are made ​only for childcare situations and must be submitted in​ writing to the principal prior to the start of the school day​. Anyone who misses their afternoon bus home may go into the office and use the telephone to call home for a ride. 

Bus Safety Video

Bus Safety Rules

  1. Respect the Bus Driver
  2. Be on Time and Peaceful While Waiting
  3. Walk Safely and Orderly to the Bus
  4. Sit Quietly Facing the Front of the Bus
  5. Stay in Your Own Space
  6. Remain Entirely Inside the Bus
  7.  Don't Forget Your Belongings
  8. Be a Role Model for Younger Children
  9. Take Care of the Bus.
  10. Be Responsible Once You Leave the Bus

Frequently Asked Questions

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