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How to Plan and Build a City Using 5th Grade MATH

Students in Ms. Jamison's 5th grade class put their Geometry skills to practical use building 3D GoeMetroCities. Each group brainstormed what their theme would be and planned what type of buildings, streets and green areas they would include. Then they plotted the area using grid paper and laid out their city, determining where to place the elements. Using geometry and architectural skills...
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1st Graders Adopt a Dairy Calf

First (1st) grade classes at Guerrero Elementary enrolled in the Adopt a Cow program. The class is paired with a calf from a dairy farm. (We named this one Vivian) . Throughout the school year, the students receive photos, video upd ates, and activity sheets that allow them to watch their calf grow. Through immersive, hands-on learning activities and free curriculum provided by...
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Guerrero Science Fair (Feria De Ciencias) 2021

Thursday, November 18th from 5:30pm - 7pm All students and family members are welcome! Nachos and hot dogs for sale outside. Todos los estudiantes y sus familias son bienvenidos! Nachos y hot-dogs de venta.    
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Gecko Gardening

The 2nd grade class of Chelsea Janssen is learning about urban gardening through a partnership with Urban Farming Education. With donations of organic soil, grow bags, vegetables and herbs, as well as time and expertise, they are off to a great start. In July, Ms. Janssen was introduced to Pat Whelan, the Director of Corporate Social Responsibility at a community partnership event...
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The Zen Den - A Haven of Calm

Bean bags, yoga mats, dimmed lights and students in various stages of calming mindfulness  — that’s what you will find inside the Zen Den at Guerrero Elementary. The Zen Den is a place where students can stretch, refocus, take a deep breath and learn how to self-regulate and manage their emotions. This soothing room is lined with posters that offer de-stressing...
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