How to Plan and Build a City Using 5th Grade MATH

Students in Ms. Jamison's 5th grade class put their Geometry skills to practical use building 3D GoeMetroCities. Each group brainstormed what their theme would be and planned what type of buildings, streets and green areas they would include. Then they plotted the area using grid paper and laid out their city, determining where to place the elements. Using geometry and architectural skills they used triangles, right angles, perpendicular lines and parallel lines to draw in roads, houses, apartments, parks, supermarkets, schools and offices. Their next step was to create 3D elements by folding paper into cubes, cones and cylinders forming their  buildings. Students added creative steps with their colors, signage and decorations.

The groups proudly displayed their cities for everyone to explore. All students and staff were able to cast a vote for their favorite city. Which one is yours? See them all here.


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