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Guerrero Elementary Student Council

The Guerrero Student Council provides students with leadership opportunities to impact the school in a positive way. Student Council members work as a team to make decisions regarding fundraising efforts that benefit all students, they participate in school events and work with peers and staff to improve our school and instill Gecko pride.

Our student council consists of (5) elected officers: president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, and publicist as well as (2) representatives from each classroom in 4th through 6th grade.

Election Process

Officers are elected in August. To run, students must be in good standing in 5th or 6th grade. Students must declare the office they are interested in and campaign as a candidate. They make campaign posters and videos that let the student body know why they would make good representatives. At the end of the campaign, votes are cast by their peers and winners are announced. In September, (2) class representatives are chosen by classroom peers for their abilities to be good Gecko representatives. They are role models to other students and exhibit good PBIS behaviors.


As representatives of our school community, we are committed to goals that:

  • Promote a safe and engaging center for learning
  • Increase community involvement
  • Increase fundraising
  • Instill school-wide pride
  • Align with PBIS behaviors

Meetings are held Tuesday's 12:05pm - 12:35pm in Room 2.

Faculty Advisor: Katriece Jamison

President: Elia C. 

Vice President: Daniel V. 

Secretary: Jasmine M. 

Treasurer: Sophia R. 

Publicist: Vanessa H.

Past Officers

2020-21 Officers

2020 Officers

Council Officers 2021-22

council officers

Pictured Left to Right: Elia C. [president], Daniel V. [vice president], Jasmine M. [secretary], Sophia R. [treasurer]

Student Council Photo

2021-22 Student Council Officers, Class Representatives & Faculty Advisor