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Child Care Program
Crosswalk Safety
Early Release
Extracurricular Activities
Field trips
Fine Arts Classes


Notebooks and Supplies
Student Drop Off and Pick Up
Uniforms/Dress Code

Attendance Top
Attendance of students in Mesa Public Schools is by the school attendance area. Parents wishing to have their children attend another school should refer to the district’s open enrollment policy. Visit any school office regarding the open enrollment form.

Child Care Program Top
Child care program includes Xplore, an after-school program, 2:00-6:00 p.m. The program is in operation on school days only and provided through the district’s Community Education Department, 480-472-7250. Information can be found at

Crosswalk Safety Top
Walkers and students who ride bikes to school are required to use crosswalks to safely enter and leave campus. Bicycle riders are encouraged to wear helmets.

Early Release Top
Students are released each Wednesday at 12:00 p.m
Professional Development Early Release Days: 12:00 p.m. 
End of Grading Period Early Release Days: 12:00 p.m
Parent/Teacher Conferences: Early Release at 12:00 p.m. (Wed-Fri)

  • October 11-15, 2021
  • January 10-14, 2021

Extracurricular Activities Top
Extracurricular activities include, but are not limited to: Battle of the Books; Chorus; Math Team; Student Council; STEAM Club.
After school enrichment classes are offered through our school district's community education department. 
Class information is available in our school office or visit

Field Trips Top
Zoos, museums, and concerts are just a few of the field trips scheduled throughout the year. School buses are used for transportation and  tax credit donations, our PTO, and/or parents of participating students incur the cost of field trips.

Fine Arts ClassesTop
Fine Arts classes available include general music for students in  kindergarten, grades one - six, band for grades five and six,  orchestra in grades four, five and six, and art in grades four-six.
Additional special area classes include physical education, media, and computer lab.

Grades Top
Grades are assigned to all students, grades 1-6, on report cards, which are shared with parents in conferences scheduled each fall and winter.  Kindergarten students receive a report card at the end of each quarter  Report cards are shared with parents in conferences at the end of the first and second quarters.  Report cards are sent home with the students at the end of third quarter and at year's end.

Homework Top
Homework is an integral component of the instructional day and is designed to reinforce skills taught. Each teacher determines the length of homework assignments. All of our students are encouraged to read each evening.

Instruction Top
Instruction is standards-based following the Arizona 2021 standards with teachers using adopted textbooks and materials. A wide range of support materials and technology resources are used to support instruction. Please refer to Arizona State Standards through the website. Parents may also visit for grade specific information. 

Kindergarten Top
Kindergarten is offered as a full-day program,  7:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.  Additional school district information can be found at:

Lunch Top

Juice, milk, and a choice of main entrée is offered to all students each day at lunch. All children may bring a sack lunch from home or buy a hot lunch.  The price for elementary students is $0.40 for reduced and $2.05 for paid lunches.  The adult meal price is $4.00.  Each student has an account, which is a debit account. This means that money or meal credits are deposited into the account, then the student can purchase food items.  My School Bucks will be available for deposits to your student's account.  Lunch menus can be found on the Food & Nutrition webpage:  **for the 2021-2022 School year, lunches are free for all students.

Medications Top
Medication is administered by the school nurse/assistant only. The nurse is responsible for all students’ health records and needs.   Please visit this web site for additional information: 

Newsletter Top
Hale Happenings is issued to all families through SchoolMessenger, Hale Website, and Peachjar. This means of communication includes school, district, and community news.

Notebooks and Supplies Top
Dividers for notebooks, paper, and crayons are a few of the recommended supplies students will need each day. Each teacher shares with the students a suggested list of school supplies.

Our Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is a dynamic and energetic organization. While fundraising is the main goal of the PTO, the members actively support programs with donations of time and resources.  You can reach out to PTO at

Parents are urged to become members and to join one of the many committees. 

Our 2021-2022 PTO Board Members are: Tawnya Hansen (Co-President), Paula Hall (Co-President), Vikki Johnson (Secretary), Tressa LeCheminant (Treasurer), Jeccica George. Melissa Gierhahn, Lisa Ward, Brittny Smith, and Shauna Robinson.

Registration Top
Registration at Hale requires parents to furnish the office staff with a completed registration form, proof of residence (current utility or phone bill), immunization record, and birth certificate. The address of the previously attended school is needed so records can be requested. So as not to disrupt instruction on their first day of school, new students need to be in the office by 7:15 a.m. Registration must be done at least one day prior to class placement.

Student drop off and pick up Top
Student drop off and pick up takes place in the front of the school for students transported by parents. School staff members assist with the students’ safe passage to and from vehicles.  

  • Pull forward as far as possible to make room for others behind you.
  • Students should exit the vehicle on the side at the curb.
  • Please use designated crosswalks in the parking lot.
  • Never block the crosswalk.
  • Never allow children to walk through cars or cross traffic lanes without an adult.
  • Safety is our top priority.  Be alert, and please, be courteous.

Testing Top
Testing: state, district, and school are scheduled throughout the year. The testing schedule is distributed to parents in the fall. Results are shared with parents in conferences and in written reports.  AzM2 is given to students in grades three through six in the spring.

Uniforms/Dress Code Top
Uniforms are not worn at Hale. Students are expected to wear clothing that is not disruptive or inappropriate. Please refer to the school district's dress and grooming policies.  District dress and grooming policies are also issued at the beginning of the school year and when students enroll.

Visitors Top
Visitors and volunteers are required to sign in at the office and receive a pass before visiting campus. Volunteers are used in classrooms, support programs and in the numerous PTO functions and events. Non-parent volunteers (i.e., grandparents, aunts, uncles, older siblings) are required to have a background check and fingerprinting prior to volunteering at a district school.