Mesa Public Schools' health services department has been caring for  children since 1928.

Our talented network of health professionals keeps our students healthy and ready to learn. From taking care of students' basic health needs to recommending clinics and resources to benefit the entire families, our nurses, health assistants, audiologists and more make a difference every day.

Health Services Mission Statement 

The primary mission of the Mesa Public Schools Department of Health Services is to assist students to achieve optimal wellness in order to enhance their readiness to learn and achieve individual success.


 Confidentiality Statement 

All individuals involved in processing information regarding student records or related data, have a clear and positive responsibility to protect the privacy of the individuals involved. Violation of a student’s privacy could have serious repercussions. 

I understand the need to protect the privacy of the individual when processing confidential information. I will treat as confidential all data which I have access to during my employment with Mesa Public Schools. I understand that all data must be handled in a manner that will protect individual rights or privacy and that no data is to be discussed or released to anyone.


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